CH Maverick

He is a red brindle brought to the OCK family from Nuforest Dachshunds in Ramona, CA.  He has completed his AKC Championship at 11 months, as well as a CGC and novice tricks title.  We look forward to seeing the all places this special boy will go!

CH Leo

Leo came to us from Zigmunddorf kennel in Russia.  He has the most amazing temperament and is a joy to have in the house.  He quickly finished his AKC Championship and health testing, and is now enjoying some downtime at home with us.

CH Zurich

Zurich came to us from Russia, by way of my amazing mentor.  She found this boy, brought him to his CH and then shared this very special boy with OCK.  His temparament is as stunning as his impeccable looks.  OCK is very excited to add this boy to our program.

GCH Thor

Please welcome to the family our newest pup Thor. He came to the family from Armidach kennels and completed his AKC Championship at only 9 months, and finishing his GCH shortly thereafter.  He is a feisty boy with a lot of snuggles to give.