We love our dogs and we love what we do.  Feel free to schedule a visit to come see our operation.


Puppies that are well socialized with normal sounds, smells and activities are less fearful, more confident, and easier to train than those from a kennel with little human interaction.  More than half of a puppy’s critical period for socialization occurs at the breeder’s facility.  

Not all breeders are created equal - What you can expect from Oak City Kennels


All of our breeding dogs are health checked prior to breeding.  Puppies are allowed to go home between 8 and 12 weeks and will have had multiple wormings and their first set of shots.

About Us


Oak City Kennels is a small family owned kennel in Central North Carolina, raising Miniature Dachshund puppies in most colors and coats including dapples and piebalds. Our dachshunds are health checked before breeding, examined and vaccinated annually by our veterinarian. All of our dachshunds are registered with the American Kennel Club. Our dachshunds are part of our family and our puppies are raised indoors with daily interaction with our family and our other pets.  We don't want our dogs just living in the kennel only seeing humans for feeding and cleaning, so we spend the extra time every day getting to know them.  Each has their own personality and we know each and every one of them. Our whole family gives their time to help with the dachshunds. Because we care so much for them and their babies we only want people that will do the same to have our puppies. Please be sure you can make the commitment before purchasing one. Educate yourself on the breed, there are endless resources on the internet, as well as some helpful links on our links page. Talk to other dachshund owners. We'll be happy to honestly answer any questions you have. I would prefer to lose a sale than have one of our puppies in a home that wasn't suited for them. 

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope that you will join the Oak City Kennels family. Please feel free to contact us with any of your questions about adoption and how to choose your bundle of joy. We look forward to hearing from you.